Truth About Sugar

veggiesNASCAR drivers spend countless hours assuring that their engines are finely tuned and running at peak performance.   One critical way they do that is by making sure that their fuel is of highest quality.  They know that bad fuel means bad performance.  Why do we think that our bodies are any different?

Why do we think that we can perform our best with a steady diet of processed junk foods like chips, candy, sodas, and fast food?  In this Nutrition Corner you can expect to find more ways to get your high performance bodies running on nutritionally dense food.

Sugar Intake

Think about this:  Did you know that in a regular 12oz soda there are 39 grams of sugar?  That means you’re consuming  10 teaspoons of pure sugar.  Drinking just one can of Coke per day will add up to consuming 30 pounds of sugar per year!  Think of that sugar as dirty gas clogging up the fuel lines and decreasing performance.  Recent studies are linking high sugar intake to everything from cancer, high cholesterol, lower immune systems, and premature aging.  In order to perform  optimally we need to get that sugar out of our diets.

Recommended daily allowance of sugar is about 9 teaspoons, or, 36 grams per day.  That’s less than what you find in a 12-oz. regular soda, and includes the sugar already in your food.   You need to count all the sugar hiding in your food like cereal, crackers, bars, jelly, yogurt and drinks.  One can of soda, lemonade, or ice tea is going to start you out over your limit.   Train smart and get the sugar out of your diet.

Additional information on the science behind sugar can be found at:

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