RunFit – Fall

Status: Registration OPEN  for FALL 2021


Fall Program

Cost: $155

Our Next Program is Aug 30 – Oct 11 (Open for Registration):

  • Who: Fall – Grades 3th – 5th
  • What: Training for 3k & 5k Trail Races
  • Where: Marvin Efird Park
  • Time: 4:30-5:45
  • Days: Mondays and Wednesdays


RunFit: 3-5k Trail Race Training
RunFit-Fall is perfect for Elementary athletes looking for a fun program that will introduce them to the sport of Cross Country running.   We provide structured training in a fun and competitive team atmosphere.  We train together as a team twice a week with and will target 2 local cross-country style races.   Come join our Fit180 elementary team and catch our passion for training and racing at a young age.

Our certified trainers are committed to providing quality coaching and effective workouts.


RunFit Races

Cuthbertson Community 3KOctober 16Cuthbertson MS$20
Other - TBD
Training Activities
Dynamic warm upIntervals
Form DrillsRelays
Body weight strengthCardio/running
Cool down stretchesSpeed drills