Functional Movement Training

Functional Movement Training

Another FTM Program will open soon.  Stay tuned.

3 Week Program: $199


  • FMS- Functional Mobility Screening
  • Small-Group, Highly Focused Training
  • Form & Cadence Work
  • Strength & Core Workouts
  • Injury Prevention Planning
  • Video Gait Analysis (Optional: $125 – Includes 2 Individual Sessions)
Your Trainers

Chris Barajas Distance Coach

Functional Movement Trainer

Track/Cross Country Coach

Lisa Sluiter

RRCA Level II Certified Coach

Gait Analysis Level 1

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

AFPA Certified Nutrition Consultant

FMS Certified Exercise Specialist

Functional Movement Training for Pre and Post-season Runners
Fit180’s Functional Movement Training provides High School & competitive Middle School athletes a time to work on the critical things they don’t have time to focus on during their training season.  We give our athletes a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, and strength on which they can build a successful season.

FMS – Functional Mobility Screening. 
We address each runner and identify their strength and help them address their weaknesses.   We do this by listening to feedback from both you and your coach; as well as putting our athletes through a full FMS (Functional Mobility Screening) analysis.
With that in mind we work on running-specific core and strength training that address the issues found in the assessments.  Our goal is to make a bullet-proof runner that is free from injury.
Sound Mechanics
Strength is just one piece of the total-fitness puzzle.  Addressing faulty mechanics will not only help prevent injury but will also help your performance by making you a more efficient runner.    We’ll work on cadence, mobility, and diaphoretic breathing.  We’ll use an assortment of tools like videos and wearables, metronome cadence drills, hip mobility routines, yoga for runners, and body awareness.
The most frustrating thing for a runner is to have a season plagued with holes in their training due to injury.  Faulty running mechanics and foundational weakness are the top two things that stop runners in their tracks; and the off-season is the perfect time to work on both of these.

Program Includes:
  • 7 Small Group Sessions
  • FMS- Functional Mobility Screening
  • Running-Specific Core work
  • Running-Specific Strength work
  • Cadence
  • Mobility / Stability
  • Running Form Drills
  • Diaphragmatic breathing

Options Include:
  • Video Gait Analysis: $125 includes 2 individual sessions.
  • Additional 1-on-1 Sessions: $55 / 1-hour

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